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What should you do to get your official & legal Japanese documents translated in English and certified?

Our professional Japanese translators have a decade PLUS experience delivering certified translations. This is the reason why we've been able to design the ordering process to be as efficient as possible for your benefit.

Here's what you should NOT do
Want to reach for the phone and call us? You'll receive the same response -- Each document is different, we can't issue a quote until documents are reviewed and evaluated. So, why not save your money on unnecessary calls? Instead, send in your documents first. Quotes will only be issued once all documents are received.

After you've received our quote, feel free to call any time to discuss your project!

Here's what you should DO:

  1. Official Document(s)
    Send a (scanned) copy of the original document(s) via email or using our inquiry form »

    Please ensure clear document scans that:

    • Are high resolution
    • Include all margins
    • Are scanned straight

    (Providing clear documents will allow us to issue you an accurate quote, fast.)

  2. Analysis & Verification.
    This is the preliminary analysis of documents to identify any names, addresses and other terms that require verification.

  3. Official Quote
    You will be issued with a free, no obligation quote for your project via email.

    (Once you've reviewed our quote you're most welcome to call to clarify any issues.)

  4. Certified Translations
    Certified documents are translated by professional, English Japanese certified translators and proof-checkers with relevant legal experience and expertise.

  5. Client Review
    Translated documents are sent to you via email for review. Documents will be finalized based on your feedback.

  6. Certification
    Then a Statement of Certification for translated documents attesting to accuracy and authenticity is issued by SAECULII.

  7. Delivery
    Translated document(s) and certificate(s) are delivered to you by:

    • Email after being rendered in PDF format, or
    • Certified or registered post.

      (Documents are delivered all over the world, where ever you are -- Simply provide an address and consider it done!)

    Let your project manager know in advance what your preference is.

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