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Japanese Translating Service General FAQ

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Japanese Translating Services FAQ

About Our Services
Our decade plus of business experience has taught us many, many valuable lessons. However, the most important one is:

Without you, the customer, we have no business.

We, therefore, work hard to ensure we get it right, first time round. That is, we strive to ensure you are satisfied not only with the quality of our translation products but also the quality of our customer service. That’s a Complete Satisfaction Guarantee, or...100% Money Back

And, just like you we also buy stuff on the Internet and have the same concerns as you. Feel free to review our policy on Confidentiality and Security »

Continue reading the FAQ below for more answers to your questions. Naturally, you’re welcome to contact us with any specific questions not covered here.

Translators & Languages

What languages do you translate? »
Do you use human translators? »
Who handles my project? »

Languages Translated
SAECULII focuses exclusively on English to Japanese, and Japanese English translations.

This is the reason you can be sure of high quality Japanese translations which have resulted in a 93% Repeat Customer Rate.

Human Translation Services
We take great pride in the quality of our work -- We ONLY use human translators. Find out why here Japanese human translating services »

Translation Project Specialists
Every translation project is carefully shepherded to completion by:
  • Native English & Japanese Translators
    We only use native speaking translators with the right qualifications (university education, skills, and experience) on your projects. Further, many of our professional translators have masters, and even doctorate, degrees.

  • Professional proof-checkers (both English & Japanese for each project)

  • Expert editors
  • Multilingual project manager
Project specialists are carefully selected for each project based on your unique requirements.

Translation Process and Turn-around

What are the different types of translation? »
Have you rolled out a Translation Cloud? »
Can you explain your translation process? »
I need my project ASAP. What's your turn-around? »

Types of Translation
Find out what type of translation is right for your project -- Read different types of translation »

SAECULII exclusively provides professional Japanese translations by human translators.

Have you rolled out a Translation Cloud?
We don't use a "cloud", translation crowdsourcing, machine translation, or any of the other slick marketing buzz words bandied around as substitutes for quality translation.

We use a traditional full-cycle translation (TEP) process to guarantee quality.

Full-cycle Translation Process
We ONLY deliver professional full-cycle translation services, TEP (translation, editing, proofing).

Click here for more about our quality driven translating solutions »

What's Your Turn-around?
We work fast and efficiently, always with an eye to quality.

Having said that, it almost certainly took a while to put your material together and get it just right -- Is it reasonable to expect quality services within an unreasonable amount of time?

We know how tough business is. That's the reason why we have more respect for your materials than those ASAP translation services!

We take the appropriate amount of time to get your translation just right, always delivered on time.

Translation Rates, Prices and Discounts

Why are your rates slightly above the industry average? »
Tell me about your pricing structure »
What are your rates for express jobs? »
Do you price by the page? »
Do you provide discounted lower quality translations? »
About minimum orders »

Translation Rates
Our rates are slightly above average because:
  • We only employ experienced professionals
  • You get customized service -- Personal yet professional
In other words the reason why is we do a proper job on your projects, first time round.

Tell me about your pricing structure
Our basic translating rates are determined by the following criteria:
  • Language combination (i.e. English to Japanese).
  • Subject matter (i.e. finance, legal, technical etc).
  • Volume (i.e. number of words or characters).
  • Turn-around required (higher rate for express jobs).
  • Discounts (applied to your projects).
As you can see, a lot goes into determining translation rates; the best way to get an accurate quote is to send in your project requirements & documents for a free, no obligation quote »

Your project benefits from two types of discounts:
  • Special Discounts
    These discounts, when available, are automatically applied to your projects and include discounts such as Campaign Discounts, Volume Discounts, Repeat Customer Discounts, etc.
  • Earned Discounts
    These are additional discounts over-and-above Special Discounts that you can earn for your project.
Find out how much discount you get for your project free, no obligation quote »

What are your rates for express jobs?
We prefer you get your materials to us with time to spare so that you don't need to pay (unnecessary) express delivery fees.

Having said that, for that must have translation job express delivery, fees are:
  • Within 50% of quoted turnaround - Regular Rate + 50%
  • Within 100% of quoted turnaround - Regular Rate + 100%
Please note that not all express jobs will be accepted due to availability of translators, project volume and other determining factors.

Do you price by the page?
No, we only price by the number of words or characters.

The reason why is because a quote based on the number of words (characters) is the only truly verifiable unit of volume you can be sure of.

(Depending on the font type, font size, line spacing, and margin settings etc., the number of words per page varies greatly. Why pay the same as someone who loads a page with small text?)

Discounted Lower Quality Translations
We DON'T provide discounted low quality "Silver", "Bronze" or "Economy" class translation services.

May I suggest you try one of our many competitors if you are looking for discounted, lower quality services.

About Minimum Orders
Why do you have a minimum order?

The reason is because there are overhead costs associated with any order, regardless of the volume. A typical project involves:
  • Document review and requirements clarification.
  • Project setup, management, and close out.
  • Other administration work, such as issuing invoices & receipt, etc.
As you can see, doing a translation job properly is more than "just a short, one document translation."

How much is you minimum order?
  • For first time customers: JPY10,000
  • For returning customers: JPY6,500

(HINT: Our services are economically feasible when you have several short documents requiring translations.)

p.s. Another reason we have a minimum order is to give folks a sense of budget i.e. we don't want folks to waste their time inquiring about a project if they can't afford the minimum charge.

Translation Estimates, Quotes & Orders

I need a translation quote - What should I do? »
I have sensitive materials - How do I get a quote? »
How do I place an translation order? »

Translation Quotes
The easiest and fatest way to get a free, no obligation quote is to submit your request online or directly email your request. Click here for the details »

We respond pretty fast to quote requests, in most cases within the hour during business hours.

In order to provide you an accurate and meaningful quote:
  • Provide ALL documents & requirements in advance.
  • Submit ONLY the final draft of documents.

Please note quotes will NOT be provided for the following:
  • Documents unseen.
  • Sample documents.
  • Redacted documents.
  • Any documents where we can't see what needs to be translated.

(Why? Well, I'm sure you wouldn't accept employment without knowing important information such as job details, working hours, compensation etc -- We're the same.)

If you need help, simply contact us and we'll be happy to guide you through the process.

Sensitive Materials
Confidentiality & security of materials are important to us, too. Find out how we guarantee your sensitive materials »

And, if you require a written confidentiality agreement or NDA for those sensitive materials before submitting documents to us, simply ask your project manager.

Ordering Translation
Placing an order for translation is pretty easy & straight forward:
  1. Simply email in acceptance of the quote provided.
  2. The project will be initiated upon order confirmation.
  3. Translated materials will be delivered by the due date.
  4. Project is closed out once you sign-off on deliverables.

Need specifics? Click here for the details »

Paying for Translation Services

How can I pay for translating services? »
What are payment terms for ongoing translation needs? »

Payment Methods
Payment can be made via:
  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal.com (including with credit cards)

Details will be provided you as necessary.

Payment Terms for Ongoing Translation Needs
Please discuss with your project manager in advance any special requirements you may have.

Certified Translations
This section has been moved to a purpose FAQ webpage for Certified Japanese Translation Services »

Document Confidentiality & Security

How do you guarantee confidentiality and security? »
Why are only forms SSL secured? »
Who can access my documents? »
And when I do NOT engage SAECULII’s services? »

Guaranteeing Confidentiality and Security
Please reference our Confidentiality and Security Policy for an overview of how we ensure your documents are properly handled.

SSL secured
Information you send us through data forms must be secured, to ensure your privacy and security. You will see the following "Secure" mark in your browser address bar when contacting SAECULII:

Secured Japanese English Translation

The reason we secure ONLY data forms (i.e. forms you use to submit data over the Internet), as opposed to the whole website, is to improve the efficiency of our website. That is, securing the whole website with SSL encryption dramatically slows down page loading time while sharply increasing bandwidth usage. This is an especially important design decision considering most folks now access the Internet with mobile devices.

Document Access
Your documents are accessed on a need-to-know basis only. Here’s what happens when you contact SAECULII with your documents:
  • Initially ONLY a project manager can access your documents in order to issue an accurate, meaningful quote.
  • Once you engage our services, ONLY the project team assigned to your project can access your documents. (This includes the project manager and 3~5 professionals needed to bring your project to fruition.)

Naturally, if you have any special requirements concerning your documents, simply contact us.

SAECULII’s Services Not Engaged
All documents & materials submitted are deleted from our systems.

This will automatically happen after an appropriate amount of time has lapsed, since some folks like to take their time making a decision regarding our services. However, if you would like your documents & materials deleted immediately, then simply request your project manager do so.

Translation Miscellaneous

Can I get a free trial translation? »
I need post-editing services for... »
Where are you located? »
Do you have a link exchange program? »
What software do you use? »
Why have you discontinued your fax service? »
Do you...? »

Can I Get a Free Trial Translation?
Every translation we do is a free trial.

What do I mean? Well, we have a complete satisfaction or 100% money back guarantee »

This means, if any work we do any time does NOT meet your quality standards, you will be refunded in full.

I need post-editing services for...
If you represent an agency who uses low quality translation methods such as translation clouds, translation crowd-sourcing or machine translation who's looking for professional translators for post-editing services, please DON'T contacting us.

Where are you located?
SAECULII is legally incorporated and based in Tokyo, Japan.

Do you have a link exchange program?
Try Link Exchange »

Translation Software
We use a wide variety of software in both PC and MAC platforms.

Simply let your project manager know in advance if you have any special requirements.

Why have you discontinued your fax service?
Who uses fax anymore?

Technology has moved on, and so should you!

Do you...?
Please DON'T contact us if:
  • You're a student and want us to translate your term paper -- Learn something, do your own work!

  • You're on the hunt for FREE PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATION.
  • You insist on telling us how much you're willing to pay for our services.

    (All quotes are Free No Obligation, and you have the greatest market place in the history of mankind in the Internet if you can't afford our services.)

  • You need help logging into a porn website.
  • You want us to hook you up with, well, a hooker.
  • You're looking for help hawking the latest sex toys in Japan.
  • You looking for kanji to tattoo on your nether regions.
  • You represent TransPerfect Translations International, Inc., or any of its affiliated entities, worldwide.
In fact, if you'd be too ashamed to confide in your grandmother, we don't want to hear about it!

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