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What is Certified Japanese Translation – Article bY Translation Service Japan

Certified Japanese Translation is the most cost-effective translation for official purposes. So, what is it?

Japanese Certified Translation Services - Official Japanese Translation

Certified translation is also known -somewhat colloquially- as “official translation” or sworn translation (see definition below).

This is the most basic form of translation for official purposes.

Certified translation is translation that is certified with a Statement of Certification (or Certificate of Accuracy) attesting to the accuracy of the translation, which is issued by the translator, be that a translation organization (company) or individual (freelance). Certified translations are required for official & legal documents issued in foreign languages when making, for example travel visa, applications in a country where the official language if different i.e. English.

The Statement of Certification is at the heart of what defines certified translations, which essentially says:

“We believe this translation is accurate”.

There is no pre-defined format required for the Certificate; however, it must be printed on company letterhead and, at a bare minimum, must include the following information in order to be accepted for official purposes:

  • Date issued,
  • Name and contact information of the (corporate or freelance) translator, and
  • List of documents translated.

The Certificate must also contain -you guessed it- a Statement similar to the following:

“Saeculii Professional Translation Service declares that the translation of the attached document(s) are to the best of our knowledge and belief a true and faithful rendering of the original Japanese document(s) done to the best of our ability as a professional translation service provider.”

Here's an example of a Statement of Certification (click to view)

Please keep this most important bit of information in mind at all times when ordering Japanese certified translation:

Without a Statement of Certification (Certificate of Accuracy), you don’t have certified translation. It’s as simple as that!

This is a Red Flag – Read the A Red Flag in Japanese Certified Translation article just in case you still doubt the importance of this point!

Clearing Up Misconceptions

  1. Only certified Japanese translators can provide certified translation.
    The translation industry is largely unregulated. Thus, in general, ANYONE can provide certified translation, as long as it is in the right format (as described above). In Japan, as in the USA, the UK and a many other countries, anyone can provide certified translation.
  2. Certified translations need to be notarized.

    Notarization is only necessary when the organization evaluating your translated documents specifically requests it. In fact, since it is so expensive and time consuming, especially in Japan, you should avoid notarization where possible. See Related topics below for more on Notarized Translation.

Bookmark this page, we’ll be providing answers to your questions.

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And, finally, I would like to leave you with our oft repeated mantra:

Save yourself time, money and energy by getting your facts directly from the official authority (i.e. organizational level) that will be evaluating your documents.

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