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Then you’ll want machine translation (MT) -- Here's the link for a free online translation service, Babel Fish Translation Service (babelfish.com)

In case you’re wondering just how good free translation is, take a look at the results of an experiment we ran on an article titled As Kindle Fire Faces Critics, Remedies Are Promised (Yahoo!, 2011-12-14).

Free Japanese Translations

Looks pretty darn good, doesn’t it? And, it’s free to boot!

Of course, if you're Japanese, or fluent in Japanese as we are, you’d contact a professional Japanese translation provider. Let’s continue the experiment to see why.

In the results below, the Japanese text from above is translated back into English. In other words, the translation is simply reversed so we can see the quality of translation Japanese target audiences would see. If machine translation produces professional quality translation, we should get the original English text (or something pretty close), right?

Free Online Japanese Translation

Instead, you get gibberish, as seen by your Japanese target audience.

Many folks mistakenly believe free machine translation is a substitute for quality translation by qualified professional Japanese translators. However, and unfortunately, they don't realize the damage they're doing to their brand. Click here to see some real world examples

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  • 1 » Janine Dunn (2012-02-01)

    Nice, simple illustration of the quality to expect with free translation. Once had a client who, being too cheap to pay for professional translation, tricked out an ecommerce site in free, online machine translation. Absolutely hideous! (They took it down after a few weeks when they realized the damage being done.) Always amazes me why people (businesses) think in translation they can cut corners on all the effort and cost put into the development of their marketing materials, such as research, copywriting, and testing etc…
  • 2 » Mayuko N (2012-08-31)

    Sometimes I get impressed how accurate free online translation is. Most other times it's just good for a laugh! LOL.
  • 3 » Akiko Akiya (2012-09-24)

    With machine translation you certainly get what you pay for, poor quality. Unfortunately, this weak technology is gradually becoming a "must have" in the translation industry -- to the detriment of the client!
  • 4 » english to japanese translation (2013-09-03)

    Nice blog for Japanese Translation.

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