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Free Promotion for Worthy Causes

Got a worthy cause to promote? Look no further!

Promote a Worthy Cause Free

If your cause is truly altruistic, then our Japanese Translation Services will help you promote your cause across our network of websites, absolutely free.

Here's how it works:

  • We will review your request for inclusion
  • Once approved, it will be posted on our translation &DISCUSS blog
  • From there, it will be posted to:

    • Social media websites, such as Twitter etc
    • Web blogs we own
    • 3rd party websites using the translation &DISCUSS blog feed

As you can see, we'll help you get the word out!

Ready? Then, please follow these simple guidelines carefully:

  1. Preparing your request:

    • Write your request in a text file (NotePad, Word, etc)
    • Your request must be in well written English, without errors
    • Your writing style must be clear, concise and persuasive without being spammy
    • Your request must be 150-300 words, no images
    • Can include only one link

    Here’s an example to reference: Aspiring Young Author Translated Into English

  2. Email your request to the email address below:

    • The email subject should be titled “Free Promotion Request”
    • Let us know who you are
    • Tell us why you are promoting this cause
    • Attach the file containing your request
    • Include the following text in your email:

      I explicitly acknowledge SAECULII YK has sole discretion posting and/or deleting my Free Promotion Request (hereafter the “Request”), SAECULII YK may edit the Request per company guidelines if necessary, and SAECULII YK is neither directly or indirectly responsible nor liable to me or any party related to me for damages resulting from the Request.

The following requests will be rejected in short order:

  • SPAM
  • Commercial advertising
  • Requests that violate the intent and spirit of this free service
  • Guidelines have not been followed
  • Requests for status updates

    If your Request is indeed a worthy cause, rest assured it will be posted in due course. Simply check the translation &DISCUSS blog periodically.