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Guest Blogging Opportunities - Translation

Looking to benefit from greater exposure for your content? 

Guest Blogging Opportunities - Translation

You’re in the right place - We’re accepting guest posts, you create backlinks free!

Here are the 2 options we’re able to offer you:

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  2. Free Inclusion

Free Inclusion
This service is oriented towards students, translators, and academics. 

(If you do not fall into any of the above categories, use the Paid Inclusion option above.)

In providing you a guest blogging platform our users benefit from useful content while creating quality backlinks (all manual submission, dofollow or nofollow) for guest authors. Contact us only if you are able to meet the following criteria:

  1. You are the owner (representative) of a web property related to this website, which focuses on:
    • Translation and related fields (i.e., interpretation, localization, etc.)
    • Languages and Linguistics
  2. The web property you represent is in good standing. That is, it:
    • Is NOT a link farm
    • Does NOT host generally objectionable material (i.e., the kind you’d be ashamed to share with your grandmother!)

In other words, contact us ONLY if you follow a

White Label Link Building Strategy

Ready to benefit with greater exposure for your ideas with guest blog posts?

How to Submit Guest Posts
EMAIL SAECULII with the subject title "&DISCUSS – Free Guest Post" and your content attached in a PDF file using the Guest Blogging Format below. We'll publish your articles on the &DUSCUSS Translation Blog » 

(Why PDF only? We don’t want viruses & other nasty software infecting our systems.)

Guest Blogging Format
Please following this format closely to get your content published expeditiously:

  • Only original, well written, quality content related to this website blog will be considered.
  • Content must be useful and provide value to our readers.
  • Follow an acceptable format generally used for guest posting.
  • Provide only FINALIZED works (including formatting, etc.,) as change requests after posting will incur a fee.
  • SPAM, content with excessive links, and other generally objectionable or illegal material will be rejected.
  • You may include in the bios a single link back to your web property.
  • Our editors have exclusive discretion in determining which content to publish.

We’ll evaluate your request and, if appropriate, will post your article and notify you.