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Certified Translation Service Japan: Folks, this really is a BIG RED FLAG!

Over the past couple of months numerous folks have contacted us with a translation in hand that needs to be certified.

Certified Japanese Translation Services

The problem these people have is simple:

The translation company that did the original translation was not able, or willing, to certify their own translation work.

We have written an article alerting customers to this problem – Read A Red Flag in Japanese Certified Translation

Folks, certified translation is really quite straight forward: 

No Statement of Certification, No Certified Translation!

At the risk of being repetitive, this can’t be emphasized enough –

A company that will, or can, NOT guarantee the accuracy of and certify its own translation work REALLY IS A BIG RED FLAG. PERIOD.

How do you avoid landing an uncertifiable translation? 

Simply ask the company beforehand if they will issue an accompanying Statement of Certification!

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