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bY Official Translation Services Japan: There is no Secrets to Cost Effective, Quality Translation

It’s all about preparation!

Official Translation Service Japan: Cost, Rates, Prices, Discounts

If you’ve ever taken a road trip that ended up costing more than budgeted for, in most cases it was probably the result of poor, if not a (complete) lack, of planning and/or preparation.

Translation really is no different!

Failure to prepare will hand you a lemon. On the other hand, thorough preparation will ensure you take ownership of a successful project that comes in under budget on time. Below are a couple of tips to light the way to quality, cost effective Japanese translation.

  1. Do what you can
    Here’s a short list, which, while certainly not exhaustive, will give you a leg up:

    • Thoroughly understand your project requirements
    • Develop succinct instructions based on those requirements
    • Establish clear lines of communications
    • Ensure materials are in a format the translation company can work with
    • Create a FINAL DRAFT of all project materials, BEFORE contacting the translators

    Real World Example
    A manufacturer of luxury watches approached us for Japanese translation of a marketing brochure. Unfortunately, they allowed a draft (work-in-progress) document to slip into the translation process, resulting in endless translation revisions. As a result, the project ran thousands of dollars - literally - over budget.
  2. Ask the professionals for input
    Even with thorough preparation, chances are you’ll have not covered everything; this is where reaching out to professional Japanese translators is invaluable. Contact your translation company with your project information and, before requesting a project quote, simply ask if there is anything (else) you can do to reduce translation costs!

    Here’s the reason why most professional translation companies will be more than happy to help:
    The translation industry is extremely competitive, so companies are always looking for ways to deliver quality translation more cost effectively.

Most of the tips shared above are common sense. However, if there was a secret to getting cost effective, quality translation, then this would be it:

Smart companies factor your preparedness into the translation price you get.

In other words, the translation company will factor into the translation pricing a high maintenance project (i.e. vague project requirements & instructions, poor communication structure, difficult to work with format, work-in-progress materials and or TBA materials).

Can't be said enough -- Thoroughly prepare for cost effective quality Japanese translations!

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