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Translation Company Japan - How the Right Translation Service Will Help You Slash Costs

Buy a smartphone recently?

Japanese  Translation Company: the right Japanese translation service for your project

Then you probably had to grapple with a myriad of options and add-ons, such as hardware, software, pre-loaded applications, service warranties etc. Ultimately, you settled on the device that best suited your requirements. Right?

That’s key -understanding your project requirements- to helping you slash translation costs. Just like that smartphone purchase you made, there are endless options in buying professional Japanese translation that need to be carefully considered against project requirements.

Obviously, I can’t cover all possible requirements here without boring you (or, worse, scaring you off!); however, below follows a few pointers to keep you on the straight and narrow.

  • What’s the size and complexity of your translation project?

    Selecting a professional translation agency that provides one-stop shopping (full service & additional, value added solutions), as opposed to several smaller companies, can lower the overall price for large and/or complex translation projects. For example, if your project requires value added solutions such as Japanese copywriting or layout & graphic design, then it definitely makes economic sense to use an agency that's able to provide for all your needs under one roof.

    Therefore, identify a professional Japanese translation company capable of handling ALL your project requirements.

  • What technical, or subject matter, expertise does the company bring to the table?

    Translation is about language (moving information between two languages) AND technical expertise (i.e. economics, finance, legal etc). Translation that doesn’t meet the technical expertise criteria will either cost you directly (re-translation fees) and possibly indirectly too (lost time & lost business opportunities).

    Go with the company offering a full money back guarantee, because it’s essentially saying:

    This is how confident we are of our technical expertise.
    That is, you save money with a guaranteed Japanese translation solution!

  • What project management system does the company have in place?

    Managing large and complex projects is a difficult task -- Lack of a robust project management system can increase errors and delays (misplaced documents and communications) and, ultimately, your costs. Did I mention frustration?

    Look for a professional company that has invested in a project management system --

    This is in-and-of-itself an indication of commitment to producing professional Japanese translation!

  • What relationship does the translation company offer?

    Chances are you’ll have an ongoing (long-term) need for professional translation as you develop new services and products for your target market. Calculate the cost required to research which company is right for your projects. Now, think about that cost if you were to search anew for each project you launched.

    Spending time and resources upfront identifying translation companies capable of offering you the right relationship will more than pay for itself over the long-term; One time research cost, lower translation rates and repeat customer discounts to name but a few.

Once you understand your project requirements, it’s pretty straight forward identifying the right professional translation company that will help you slash costs -- The payout is you get quality, cost effective Japanese translation.

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