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Official Japanese Translation: Why 3 is the Magic Number for Meaningful Quotes

Ok, what does that mean?

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Simply getting 3 quotes will NOT give you the most competitive translation rates for your project.

The reason why is because quotes vary greatly depending on numerous parameters which can be distilled down to translation requirements, translation type, and the Japanese translation company. It is, therefore, important to avoid an “apples 'n oranges” outcome of mismatched and meaningless translation quotes.

Here’s how you can ensure quotes you received are either all apples OR all oranges that can actually be compared to provide for an informed decision making-process. Your focus should be on the company:

  • Can the translation company handle all your requirements?
    If the company does not have the required capabilities, they will need to outsource part, if not all, of your project. This in turn pushes up translation pricing impacting overall cost.

  • Does the translation company offer the type of translation you require?
    This probably is the most important factor to consider, because there are many different types of translation out there with very different translation rates. Ensure the quotes you get all include the same type of official Japanese translation for effective comparison.

Even after you’ve gotten comparable quotes, common sense must prevail!

For example, obviously high street translation pricing does not necessarily guarantee high quality translation products and services. However, on the other hand, below a certain rate you are not very likely to get quality translation.

In summary, throw in a pinch of common sense with 3 meaningful and comparable quotes -either apples OR oranges, but NOT both- and you’re bound to get the most competitive translation rate.

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