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In Translation a Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words! bY Translation Company Tokyo

Use of illustrations, pictograms, maps, diagrams, animations and other pictures gives you the ultimate in Japanese translation quality -- Savings on effective translation materials.

Japanese Translation Company: A picture really is worth a thousand words

Pictures provide effective materials that convey the intended message accurately to your target audience. After all, who wants to read through pages and pages of boring text? (Everyone gets turned off by the thick volume that arrives with their new mobile phone!)

Take a page from the Japanese. While short on superfluous text, instructions are loaded with animations that are super easy to follow.

Second, you save money.

Why? Well, a single effective illustration is just as, if not more, effective as many pages of text which needs to be translated by professional translators. I’m sure you can see how easy it is to save money.

And, more importantly, when your Japanese target audience gets the picture (pun intended!), you don’t have confused customers swamping your support center for clarification. Even if your customers aren’t confused, one look at that heavy manual, and they’ll figure it's just sooo much easier and faster to call customer support! Of course, the cost of a support center - even an outsourced center - is much, much more expensive than professional Japanese translation.

In summary, judicious use of pictures in your translation materials delivers multiple benefits. However, this does not mean that text is not necessary. Rather, use text when you have to, or when it is the most effective means of conveying your message.

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