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If you’re looking for professional translation for the first time -or dissatisfied with your present Japanese translation service- then you’ll want to spend a few minutes on this translation guide and discover how you can get first class translation service, quality, turnaround all at competitive prices.

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According to a study conducted in Canada way back in the 90’s -which, by the way, holds true even today- the most important criteria for professional translation service needs are:

Criteria Rank
Translation Quality 98%
Translation Turnaround 92%
Translation Service Satisfaction 90%
Translation Price 79%

This translation guide, which is based on the four criteria above has been compiled by experienced translation professionals, divulges industry secrets, is designed for easy and quick reading, and is constantly updated with the latest information.

WARNING: Don’t Use the Services of a Japanese Translation Company Until You Read This!

Before you jump into the translation guide, spend a couple of minutes familiarizing yourself with the different types of translation. Making the right decision here will ensure you take possession of a translation project that not only meets, but exceeds, your expectations. Read Translation: The many differences

Professional Translation Guides
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  1. Translaiton Service Satisfaction
  2. Translation Quality
  3. Translation Price
  4. Translation Turnaround

NOTE* All modules include a free checklist summarizing key points for referencing at a glance.

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