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The Definitive Guide to Professional & Quality Japanese Translation

Been handed a project, and thinking what the hell do I do know?

Free Guide to Professional & Quality Japanese Translation

Then you’ve come to the right place! By the time you’ve finished reading this free translation guide, you’ll be able to answer the 2 most important questions to ensure a successful translation project.

Question 1: What is the Right Type of Translation?
Clarifying project requirements is essential to determining what the right type of Japanese translation is for your project.

For example, is your translation project for internal or external consumption? Is translation price & cost more important or is translation quality more important? Another requirement that may be of importance to your project is time. What is the turn-around for your translation project? Then, again, translation service satisfaction may be your overriding priority.

Translation can be categorized into the following types:

  1. Professional translation
  2. Computer translation
  3. Translation crowdsourcing
  4. Translation cloud

If all these options seem overwhelming, don’t despair! Click here to get a super easy to following summary of Translation: The many differences

We are a Tokyo based Japan Translation Service so naturally recommend professional translation by human translators. However, you don’t need to take our word for it -- Read these informative articles on the translation quality you can expect with:

(Note that there is a continuous churn of new technologies and methodologies in the industry as companies attempt to gain the upper hand in what is a very competitive market space. However, there’s only ONE option if quality translation is your overriding priority!)

Still not sure what’s the right type of Japanese translation for your project? Then contact industry experts for a free consultation

Question 2: What is the right type of translation service
Ready to reduce your frustration buying translation? Selecting the right type of translation service can be just as frustrating as selecting the right type of translation for your project (you have that under control, right?). Do you go with a Japanese translation service by a company, agency or free-lance translator?

The following criteria, while not an exhaustive list, will help you determine the right professional translation service for your project, and guarantee that you get the most value for your investment in translation. Read this before settling on a Professional Translation Service

Bonus: Translation Buying Guide Tips and Techniques
Finally, what would a guide be without a few tips ‘n techniques?

You're almost ready to commit. Guarantee the success of your Japanese translation project by taking a few more minutes to truly prepare (peace of mind; priceless!). Tips and techniques for quality translation

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  • 1 » Y.Kagami (2012-09-26)

    Anyone that has had to work through machine translation is well aware of the horrendous quality -- Go with professional human translation, don't waste time or money.