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Dalai Lama in Transcription Blooper bY Japanese Translation Company

Who knew that a conference on world peace could be so fraught with danger!

Translation Company Japan, Tokyo Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama’s speech on peace at Brown University was being transcribed for those in the audience having problems with his heavy English accent. However, when concluding 'If you feel these points are not much relevant - not much interest - then forget’, the transcription that flashed on the closed caption video screens was ‘then f--- it’!

Read the about the incident here

A comment by one DavidWhy sums it up perfectly:

I don't think he would mind the mix up. From what I have seen of him in interviews and speeches he seems to be a pretty cheerful, playful man. I bet he saw the funny side.

Now about that language transcriber…

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5 &DISCUSS response(s)

  • 1 » Mayuko N (2012-10-25)

    This is so funny.. Huge transcription mistakes like this can only be forgiven with as big a mind as the Dalai Lama's!
  • 2 » Mayuko N (2012-10-25)

    If all the translation bloopers were laughable, it would be a very peaceful world indeed. But the thing is, transcription is usually not provided by professional services.
  • 3 » Akiko Akiya (2012-10-25)

    Funny. It illustrates the difficulty of instant transcription - tough job!
  • 4 » Akiko Akiya (2012-10-29)

    And from the video, it is obvious he didn't mean it at all.
  • 5 » Shoko M (2012-10-30)

    Lack of vocabulary at the time or jumping the gun too quickly? Embarrassing for both the transcriber and Dalai Lama. But as many have said, if you are going to make a blunder in transcription, you would want it to be for Dalai Lama :)