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Article bY Translation Service Tokyo: Research Points to Origin of the English Language

Researchers in New Zealand have employed phylogenetic analysis to create family trees of ancient and modern Indo-European languages to identify the origins of this language family.

Japanese Translation Services: Indo-European Language Family - English

Modern Indo-European languages include English.

Phylogenetic analysis (the study of evolutionary relation among groups of organisms commonly used to trace virus epidemics.)

Results of this fascinating research indicate the English language originated in the Anatolian region of Turkey 9,000 years ago. This is roughly 4,000 earlier than previously estimated, and away from the Pontic steppe in Russia proposed by current theory.

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4 &DISCUSS response(s)

  • 1 » Akiko Akiya (2012-08-28)

    Intriguing analysis!
  • 2 » Y.Kagami (2012-09-22)

    It's quite interesting. Now if only researchers could pin point the origins of translation...
  • 3 » Yumi Kagami (2012-09-23)

    It would be great if this methodology was applied to other languages. Wonder what the origin of the Japanese language is...
  • 4 » Andrew Carmichael (2012-09-24)

    Fascinating! I wonder if it is possible to use this technique to create a road map of how modern English developed? For example, we know English is heavily influenced by Latin. What other languages influence English?