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When a Career in Translation is Rewarding – Article bY Japanese Translation Services

Like most translators, I obviously started out in the industry translating, which I've always enjoyed.

Once word gets out and business starts to take off, one project tends to run into another, leaving little time for reflection. As SAECULII (Professional Translation Service Japan, Tokyo) grew, most of my time was consumed with management and marketing solidifying separation from the “nut n’ bolts” of the task of actually translating.

Recently, though, I had the opportunity to work on an English Japanese translation project. Sound and Vision by Professor Maurice Jamall, et al., has now been published in hardcover. (Click here to get the Japanese edition of Sound and Vision)

Seeing the efforts of one’s endeavors -no matter how small a part one plays, and not to upstage the real work done by the authors, translators, proof-checkers, editors publishers, printers, marketers and all the people that make such a huge undertaking possible- in print definitely makes a career in translation rewarding. However, the simple words of appreciation from a satisfied client has done wonders to rekindle my love affair with language and translation.

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  • 1 » Shoko Malsom (2012-09-27)

    Sometimes overwhelming task of translating work is not only rewarding but learning experience as well. Thank you for sharing.