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The Power of Multi-lingualism: A Hero Translator Interpreter bY Translation Services Tokyo

Okay, before you take issue with the title, which we'll get to in a moment, here is a wonderful and inspiring story about the power of multilingualism.

SUMMARY: A young girl saves the life of her nephew simply because she is fluent in 2 languages.

Translator Interpreter

Click here to view the video on MSNBC

If this fails to impress upon people the importance of learning languages, then nothing will!

As for this brave girl, I bet she could someday work in the translation or interpretation industry if she chooses to.

Now, about that title “…Translator Interpreter”. The news reporter refers to the heroic act of this person as “translation”, when in fact it is “interpretation.” There is a fundamental difference between the two, and confusing them is akin to calling an air traffic controller a pilot because they both work with planes.

Click here to beef up on the difference between translation and interpretation

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  • 1 » Akiko Akiya (2012-09-23)

    What a lucky baby to have such a kind aunty! She's got a great talent!!

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