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bY Certified Japanese Translator: Double Down on Quality and Cost for a...Quick Turnaround!

Translation turnaround is a function of quality & cost.

Certified Translator Japan on Turnaround

An approach oriented towards translation quality & cost will naturally AND without much additional effort on your part reduce turnaround time on projects!

Let’s jump right in! Here’s what essentially is a summary of the quality & cost guides from the perspective of translation turnaround:

  • Use professionals for professional results
    Professional Japanese translators, who have the right tools, are trained and experienced to work fast and efficiently.

    Using non-translation professionals such as bilinguals and language students from the local university may seem like a good idea cost wise: however, you’re not very likely to get that quick turnaround, at least not error free!

  • Use the right professional translation company
    This requires a thorough understanding of your project requirements.

    Using, for example, a Japanese translation company uniquely capable of meeting your requirements in terms of project size and complexity, technical (subject matter) expertise, project management system and ongoing relationship considerations will ensure you get fast delivery of translation materials. That said, upfront research on translation firms is essential.

    The alternative is multiple vendors -who probably need to outsource your project themselves- leading to slipped deadlines and endless excuses.

  • Plan your translation project in advance
    Obviously, project planning must be preceded by a thorough understanding of project requirements -- How can you plan if you don’t know what to plan for? Even the most rudimentary plan, thought, will lead to seamless project execution thereby reducing turnaround.

    Further, the simple act of planning your project will answer the following questions that definitely reduce, if not slash, turnaround time:

    • Does it absolutely need to be translated?
      Eliminate redundant content and content that does not apply to your target audience. For example, our certified Japanese translation service in Tokyo, Japan does not translate instructions and other irrelevant content on personal legal documents submitted for visa or immigration applications, because it is simply not necessary.

    • A picture really is worth a thousand words!
      Replace unnecessary content with a simple image or series of images that achieves the same purpose. Often times this simple approach will eliminate many pages of needless content.

    • Finalize your content BEFORE engaging a translation company

      Sarcasm alert!

      Want to spin your wheels on endless revisions and see a 14-day project balloon into a 6-month long slog? Then send the translation company a work-in-progress, a draft!

      BONUS: Quality takes a nose dive, and never-ending revision costs will bust your budget wide open...Real World Example: Winging it -- No project management for translation or localization

  • Quick & Fast Turnaround -- It’s all about preparation!
    Preparation allows for the seamless execution of your translation project plan.

    First, do what you can do to prepare for the project using the pointers provided above. Then, contact and ask the professionals for their input. That is, translation companies benefit from your preparedness with cost savings which they can pass on to you, and, therefore, will be more than willing to provide you with helpful pointers.

In summary, boost translation project turnaround by focusing on translation quality & cost.

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