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Checklist to Ensure Affordable Translation Prices bY Certified Translation Service Japan

Guarantee the success of your translation project by taking a few more minutes to truly prepare with this free translation checklist of pricing tips (peace of mind; priceless!).

Certified Japanese Translation Checklist: English Japanese Translation Pricing

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The quality checklist includes common sense approaches that not only enhance translation quality but also produce valuable savings on costs --

This speaks volumes for a quality first approach in translation!

Definitely take a peek at the translation checklist on quality before continuing!

Planning is an indispensable tool for saving on translation costs
Robust planning for your project produces multiple cost savings. You not only get to avoid the indirect and hidden costs of poor quality in translation, but you also get to determine the price of your translation project. Can’t be said enough -- Plan, plan, plan. Read more

Plan, plan, plan

There are no secrets to cost effective, quality Japanese translation
Thorough preparation allows for the seamless execution of your project plan and will ensure you take ownership of a successful translation that comes in under budget. Simply beef up on the project specs and ask the translation professionals for input BEFORE jumping in! Read more

Your preparedness determines translation prices, rates and costs

The right certified translation service in Japan will help you slash translation costs
Understanding your project requirements in terms of what a translation company is capable of delivering is key to getting your project out the door under budget. Read more

Identify the right translation company for your unique requirements

Attitude -- A little thing that makes a big difference, even in translation pricing!
Translation companies look at many variables when calculating prices & rates -- Adopt a professional attitude in your negotiations to influence the translation rates you get. Read more

Factor attitude into translation pricing

Communicate your requirements clearly to get accurate translation pricing
Accurate pricing means you get quality, cost effective translations. That is, you save money by not paying for what you don’t need AND, more importantly, by getting the project done right first-time round. Read more

Communicate clearly to take the guess work out of translation pricing

Meaningful quotes -- 3 is the magic number for competitive translation rates
Simply getting 3 quotes will NOT give you the most competitive translation rates for your project because translation quotes vary widely depending on numerous factors i.e. translation requirements, type of translation, and translation service company. Read more

Get 3 comparable quotes - either all apples OR all oranges

Beware: Chasing the deal can produce costly translation
Below a certain Japanese translation rate or price you’re unlikely to get professional service. Read more

Over emphasis on translation costs can be, well, costly

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