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Quality Japanese Translation is Not to be Had at The Language Department of Your Local University

Sounds counter intuitive, doesn’t it?

Certified Japanese Translators Tokyo, Japan

Many folks believe getting translation done at their local university language department will save a bundle. After all, everyone knows students always need money and are willing to work at rates (well) below professional translators. However, while you’ll definitely be able to stretch your budget, the true Japanese translation cost will be much, much higher.

What do I mean?

Well, students are, after all, students. That is, they're in school learning to be professionals linguists; but, they’re not quite there yet! Entrusting the translation of important documents and valuable marketing materials to unqualified novice “translators” will almost certainly result in poor quality translation leading to lost business opportunities, penalties for regulation violations in your target market or, worse, legal woes from translation errors. Think this is farfetched or scare mongering? According to an influential industry report,

80% of international businesses lose revenue due to poor quality translations (i.e. translation errors)!

Teaching and studying a language is not the same as translating. It is not even close! In our line of work I see this often -- Unfortunately most folks realize this all too late. Consider this:

Would you agree to a student programmer from the local university technical department programming your corporate website?

Of course not! And, translation is NO different.

Spend money to save money -- Contact professional Japanese translators in Tokyo, Japan.

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