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Translation Company Japan: Translations That Changed the World, Literally

Have you ever wondered what might have been but for…translation bloopers?

Japanese Translation Company: Translations that changed the world

The lack of translation accuracy has been lamented for as long as, well, there has been translation. For example, an influential industry study reports

translation errors cause lost revenue in 80% of global firms.

I’m sure most anyone with experience using translation can regale us with a horror story or two from the kaleidoscope of their own experience.

But, what are the historic -history changing- implications of translation screw-ups?

Here's a list of translation snafus that, for better or worse (in most cases worse!) have produced a profound impact on history:

  1. We will bury you
  2. Israel must be wiped off the map
  3. The world's most tragic translation
  4. That’s not the way we see it!
  5. The Vietnam and Iraq wars, Deja vu?

The list above will be added to as our research turns up more mistranslations of historic proportions. Of course, if you know of and would like to share a history making blooper, simply contact us.

And, why not join us? Vote for the translation blooper you think has had the most dramatic impact on history!

Here's how it works. Simply leave a comment, or click your favourite social media widget below, to register your vote. The blooper with the combined highest response will be declared to have the most dramatic impact on history.

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  • 1 » Akiko Akiya (2012-08-22)

    Interesting articles featuring translations at great historical and political moments in modern times! Or, another way to look at it is, maybe translation errors are the root cause of these periods of upheaval in human history...
  • 2 » Himanshu (2013-03-20)

    Completely agree! Being part of one of the Top Translation Agencies in India it is understandable that languages are our existential core, yet the source of conflicts.

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